How many times do you think you need a break from the city? How many times do you feel tired because of the crowds, pressure, work, education, etc? How many times do you feel like you just want to run away? How many times do you feel being trapped? How much do you need your freedom?

This year has been really challenging in terms of freedom. We have been trapped and we have been struggling with going out to explore and experience the connection with nature, which is so important. That is why I suggest you one simple thing. Thanks God, we have internet and we can use it to get some vibe. Therefore, I invite you to check and subscribe a very special Youtube channel. If you love nature, if you need some sort of relaxation (I think we all need, don’t we?), if you want to take a break for few minutes go to this channel and you will find amazing videos. I promise, you will find: beautiful landscapes, nature, relax and this vibe of freedom. This is the link:

Marian Buraga has created this channel to enjoy the beauty of nature. In his videos he captures the beautiful Romanian landscapes. You can read an interview with Marian from last year. Please, follow this link: and you will find out more about his inspirations and his point of view in terms of nature, mountains and art.

Also, you can check ou Marian’s online exhibition on

All photos by Marian Buraga