Marian Buraga – born in Romania. Photographer, artist, traveller and video maker. A very unique person who always follows his own path. In this interview he talks about his life and passions.

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What is the most important thing in this life?

To collect more knowledge. Life is a journey, so we should travel a lot and learn how much we can.

What does art mean to you?

Art is your signature, kind of fingerprint. By art you can live forever because you leave something behind. Look at the biggest artists like Picasso, they are still alive.

What is your inspiration for art?

First of all, nature – all the time, people, life generally. Everything can inspire you. Everyday you can be inspired because art is everywhere, but the most important is nature.

You travel a lot, you also used to live in different places. Tell me, what did you learn from that.

Travelling makes you more responsible and free. Since you start travel you cannot stop. Actually I can say that the lesson is in progress.

You meet different people. Tell me about this experience.

You should follow your interior felling, heart. You should be brave to do what you want to do. Live with this motto: “do not be sorry because you have done something as you can be more sorry if will not try”. Experience comes with doing things, either bad or good. The youngers learn faster so they should learn and read more.

What about the mainstream?

You can take some hints, parts of every artists you like. Remember, take only good sides and make your own original self. Be you. Now media has big impact on the youngers. Treat media like not the most important thing you take the information from. Read more about your favourites things. Now we have more type of art. Everything can be art, learn about it.

Tell me about mountains. How did it start and what does it mean for you?

I was born in the mountains and I started exploring them from young age, like 10-11 years old. My wish was to be happy and people who were going to the mountains seemed happy. So I made up my mind that I will do it and it will make me happy as well.

The mountains give you energy, positive vibes, peace of mind and good health. Also you have that sort of freedom there. You do not use money and you do not go to the shops. When you are on the top, you are proud of yourself because you have made it. This effort is not easy, so you feel closer to yourself. You and yourself make a team which has a project to be done. It makes you responsible for yourself and others. You do not have an option there because society does not exist. Because of that, people who go to the mountains, we are like family. I still meet people in the mountains. They are happy, sociable, kind. If you want to meet nice people – go to the mountains.

To conclude, to be connected with the nature is the best connection in this world. We as people, we have very close connection and some people agree with that, but some refuse. It is great to live surounded by nature, with books, crayons, camera. You, nature and art.